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This alternative to plastic wrap is made from thrown-out potatoes — and it can even help you with your garden

It can break down entirely alongside other compostable waste — like food scraps, old plants, or fallen leaves.

Great Wrap | Alternative to plastic wrap

Photo Credit: @great_wrap/ Instagram

A company with the very apt name of Great Wrap has come up with a brilliant alternative to plastic wrap –– minus the plastic

Great Wrap is an Australia-based company with a mission to eliminate plastic, and they are certainly moving in the right direction with this product. The stretch wrap alternative comes in two parts, the Great Mate Starter Kit and Nudie Rolls. 

The Great Mate Starter Kit is reusable and made from recycled plastic bottles. Each dispenser and Nudie Roll is made with excess plastic trash — together, the equivalent of 33 water bottles

Great Wrap is a sustainable solution from start to finish. It is totally compostable, made from the waste that has become a byproduct of the potato chip industry –– rejected potatoes and skins that are typically tossed to the side.

The product is the brainchild of one couple, Julia and Jordy Kay, who founded the company after they saw plastic being wasted at their previous jobs.

As Inhabitat reports, Julia Kay previously worked as an architect, and Jordy was in the wine industry. Both witnessed massive amounts of plastic and plastic wrap being used in the shipping and handling processes of their jobs. Eventually, they started working on a solution to resolve their frustration.

Not only does Great Wrap reduce plastic waste by providing an alternative to stretch wrap made using the waste of another industry, but it also provides a great opportunity for longtime or newbie composters to get to work. 

Since this product is suitable for home composting, it can break down entirely alongside other compostable waste –– like food scraps, old plants, or fallen leaves. This is a huge contrast to the stretch wrap we're familiar with, which often goes to landfills and takes generations to break down.

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