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Renter shares outrage after neighbor uses 'ridiculous' law to get them in trouble: 'The [animals] love it'

You may not believe it, but your grass can break the law.

Grass in backyard, Neighbor uses 'ridiculous' law to get them in trouble

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You may not believe it, but your grass can break the law. One Redditor shared how "it finally happened" when the "grass police" was called on them. They had unknowingly broken a city law requiring grass to be under 10 inches tall. 

The Redditor explained how they moved into a new rental with a small front and back yard. They keep the front yard "tidy enough" by mowing it every couple of weeks. The backyard, however, was left to grow a little more wild. The renter only mowed paths to walk along and let the rest grow to around 2 feet tall.

They claim that neither their landlord nor neighbors mind the yard, but someone called the city ordinance office. The grass was too tall by law, and the renter had the option to cut it or pay a $50 fine. 

The renter is understandably annoyed that there is such a "ridiculous" law about lawns and that they have to mow theirs. However, they are taking it "as a badge of honor" and are "excited to go complain to city hall about [it]."

Long grass may seem messy or poorly maintained, but longer grass is more environmentally friendly than shorter grass. By mowing less frequently, homeowners can reduce air pollution and create a better habitat for their wild neighbors. The Redditor explained that "the bunnies, squirrels, and birds love it."

While many commenters share the original poster's frustrations, some offered solutions to the problem. Some suggested to "cut it to 9 inches," while others took a more diplomatic approach of registering the backyard as a certified wildlife habitat.

Other commenters share different ideas for plants that will allow for more wildlife habitat and environmental benefits without breaking the law. As one commenter explained, "meadowscaping/no lawns is about more than just letting your grass grow out." Instead, planting native and pollinator-friendly species can "make it beautiful and beneficial."

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