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Dog owner shares their amazing hack for saving money on treats: 'My dog loves all this stuff'

"I call mine a Garbage Retriever."

feeding frozen scraps to their gorgeous golden retriever

Photo Credit: u/Ok_Mechanic8704 / Reddit

A Reddit user has shared an adorable hack for battling food waste: feeding frozen scraps to their gorgeous golden retriever.

In a recent post on the GoldenRetrievers subreddit, a user shared a photo of their dog staring longingly at a frozen apple peel dangling from their hand. In a second photo, the dog opens its mouth wide to devour the frozen treat.

"Tip to save $$$$, reduce food waste, AND have a healthier dog: Goldens love fruits and veggies," the user wrote in their caption. "I freeze apple peels, steamed broccoli stems, and other 'discarded' parts of produce and he loves all of it. The only treats I buy at the store now are dental chews."

Any method of keeping food scraps out of your trash can is a win for the planet. If your dog likes to munch on leftovers (that they can safely eat, of course), then you have a wonderful way of keeping scraps out of the landfill.

"And he also loves raw cabbage leaves and kale, and as a special treat, Korean Sweet potato! (Different from a regular potato. Do not feed your dog regular potato)," the user explained in an additional caption.

If you don't have a hungry dog to help out, composting can be a great alternative strategy. The EPA conducted a study that suggested Americans composted over three million pounds of food waste in 2019, keeping about 5% of their leftover scraps out of the landfill. While that's a solid start, the more we can compost, the better our planet will be for everyone. 

The unnecessary disposal of compostable waste in landfills pollutes the environment and contributes to the dangerous overheating of the planet.

Users shared their admiration for hungry dogs in the comments.

"I call mine a Garbage Retriever," one user wrote.

"My dog loves all this stuff. Fruits, broccoli, green beans etc," another user said.

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