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Estate sale shopper makes shocking discovery after opening cheap vintage jewelry box: 'They almost didn't believe I found them'

"Those are beautiful!"

“Those are beautiful!"

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You never know what hidden treasures you might find in the pockets of a thrifted jacket or a drawer in a secondhand dresser. 

After purchasing a cheap jewelry box from an estate sale, one lucky Redditor stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery hidden inside, making this purchase an even sweeter deal. 

Photo Credit: u/kokochina / Reddit

In a popular Reddit post, a user shared photos of a pair of earrings they found in a 50-cent jewelry box they scored at an estate sale. After further examination, the Redditor realized they were 14-karat gold pearl earrings. 

"I always look for jewelry, and even if they were fake, $0.50 for a pair of okay earrings was fine by me," the Redditor wrote in the comment section. "The gold was so shiny and the backs were marked! They almost didn't believe I found them in the dollar box but thankfully the other cashier confirmed she saw them there. They were not happy how cheap I got them for.. oops haha."

This estate sale find is an incredible deal, as similar pairs of earrings retail between $26 and $300. The Redditor's luck is a testament to the money you can save buying secondhand instead of new. 

The post also highlights the sustainability of shopping secondhand. Preowned items can reduce our reliance on a cycle of mass production and waste. 

Mining practices for metals and gemstones needed for jewelry have significant environmental and human impacts. Gold mining can pollute water supplies, displace communities, endanger workers, and harm ecosystems. 

To make just a single 18-karat gold ring, miners dislodge 20 tons of rock and soil. This discarded material carries mercury and cyanide, which can make their way into rivers, ponds, and other water sources. Heavy metals like mercury and cyanide are toxic and can endanger groundwater supplies. 

Buying secondhand jewelry like this Redditor's gold earrings can decrease demand for new pieces and make the most of those that already exist. 

Reddit users were shocked by this hidden treasure, sharing their thoughts in the comment section.

"That's such a good deal, it's a crime," one user wrote. "I hope you love them."

"These are beautiful! Nice one," a Redditor said

Another user added, "Those are beautiful! Congrats!" 

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