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Gardener demonstrates seed-starting trick using bare minimum supplies: 'Beauty and function rolled into one'

"OMG that's genius!"

"OMG that's genius!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

You don't need expensive equipment to start your own garden. Instead, you can get creative and grow a group of seeds using something you already have stocked in your home: paper.

Thanks to this genius hack from gardening expert The Cottage Peach (@thecottagepeach), you can learn how to jump-start your garden using a single piece of paper. 

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The scoop

The next time you're ready to start sprouting seeds for your garden, consider using a sheet of paper as a makeshift planter.

All you need is a piece of paper, some soil, and your seeds. The Cottage Peach says any type of paper will work, but unbleached paper yields the best results. 

Simply cut your paper into a long rectangle and lay it out on a flat surface to get started. Then, add a thick layer of soil to the paper, spreading it evenly over the entire sheet.

Be sure to use high-quality soil that's packed with nutrients, so your seeds are more likely to sprout. 

Once the soil is all set, roll the paper into what The Cottage Peach calls a "giant sushi." Tape the ends of the paper together, so it doesn't unravel when you stand it upright. 

You can now sprinkle your seeds into the soil, and leave the seed starter in a sunny spot. The Cottage Peach recommends keeping the soil damp until the seeds sprout.

"You don't need an expensive seed-starting setup to grow seeds for your garden," says The Cottage Peach. "All you need to start seeds for your garden is some paper."

How it's working

The Cottage Peach is inspiring Internet users to grow their own plants and produce by teaching them simple, cost-effective ways to start gardening. Thanks to this easy hack, gardening does not have to be an expensive hobby.

In fact, you can save $600 on produce by gardening and growing your own food.

Over time, gardening consistently can have positive impacts on your health. According to recent studies, gardening is not only great for your physical well-being but is also beneficial for your mental health. Individuals who regularly garden have reported reduced levels of stress and improved feelings of self-esteem.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables also helps to reduce your environmental impact. The more food you grow and consume from your garden, the less you rely on the mass-produced, globally-shipped produce found in grocery stores. 

What people are saying

TikTokers were blown away by the simple yet aesthetically pleasing hack and eager to learn more about the process. 

"That's beautiful," commented one user. 

"Beauty and function rolled into one," responded The Cottage Peach.

"OMG that's genius!!!" wrote another TikToker. "Does this work for any seeds or are there some that shouldn't be started this way?"

"Still testing out different materials and seeds, so can't say for sure but nothing about it makes me think any specific seed wouldn't work!" replied The Cottage Peach.

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