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Gardening expert shares simple hack for repotting your plants in seconds: 'I wish I saw this sooner'

This hack is causing quite a stir.

hack for repotting plants in seconds

Photo Credit: @abovethedirt / Instagram

An Instagram reel shared by the Above the Dirt garden shop (@abovethedirt) is causing quite a stir by showing a quick and easy way to repot your plants.

The narrator begins the video by telling viewers this is a "simple tip to make your repotting go so much faster." 

The scoop

The speaker shows viewers the simple steps to move your plant from one pot to another. First, she gently removes the plant from the original pot and tells viewers to "make sure the roots are nice and healthy, which this one is."

She sets the pot aside and keeps the original nursery pot in her hand. She then places a bigger pot into what appears to be a small plastic tub filled with soil. 

Inside the bigger pot, she places the original smaller pot and fills everything with soil, after which she removes the smaller pot, leaving a hole inside the bigger pot for the plant to be inserted. 

How's it helping

There are numerous benefits to growing your own plants. Some research has shown that plants can actually reduce our stress levels. 

One study even suggested that having real plants in your home or office can actually increase your attention span, and they may also increase feelings of well-being, especially among people who suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Another study found that those frequently surrounded by living plants can actually recover from illness even quicker, and for those at the office, they can even boost productivity.

What's everyone saying?

Followers of Above the Dirt had plenty to say — and also plenty of questions.

"[I] wish I saw this sooner!" one person said. 

"I could be wrong, but don't you need to loosen the soil on the roots when you repot?" one person asked, to which the Instagrammer responded, "Sometimes! Yes. But this one didn't need it."  

Another asked, "What's the point of moving up in such a small size, you need a bigger pot." 

"We picked this pot because we thought it would look super cute on the porch it was sitting on," the Instagrammers answered.

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