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Gardener shares life-changing hack for removing unwanted plants from your garden: 'That is so smart'

"I try with my hands and just end up with sore fingers."

Gardening hack with pliers to root out unwanted plants

Photo Credit: @smithsgardentown/ Tiktok

A recent TikTok hack is eliminating the need for extra garden tools, using a common household item to uproot pesky plants and weeds from the garden.

The scoop

The TikTok account for the family-owned garden center and nursery, Smith's Gardentown (@smithsgardentown), shares tips on everything gardening — from taking care of your plants to tree recommendations to garden-friendly bugs. 

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One of the user's hacks involves eliminating the need for expensive garden tools. 

In the video, the TikToker explains that if you wait until it rains a significant amount, you can use pliers to pull unwanted plants out by the root. The rain softens the ground, which makes it easier to get the roots out. 

All you have to do is pull from the base of the plant with the pliers, and the entire root — called the taproot — should come out. After getting it out, the TikToker recommends composting the discarded plant.

"This root is 18 inches long and comes right out of the ground!" they say as they demonstrate the method. 

How it's helping 

This is a great hack to help keep your garden looking the way you want it while saving time and money. You won't need to buy any extra gardening supplies, and it's way easier than digging up all of the roots yourself. Even if the weather isn't cooperating, you can try saturating the ground with water and then using the same hack.

On top of that, this method is safe for the environment, as using chemical plant killers to maintain your garden allows for dangerous chemicals to run into the soil and water. 

Plus, if you can compost the roots like this TikToker does, you'll be creating your own fertilizer to grow your garden in the future, too.

What everyone's saying 

Reactions to the hack revealed just how many users were ready to try it out.

"It's gonna rain tonight! Tomorrow I go taprooting!" one wrote. 

Another said, "Sweet! I'm going to try that! Thanks." 

A few others were relieved to find an easier method. 

"Oh that's so smart. I try with my hands and just end up with sore fingers," another added.

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