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New homeowner shares incredible before-and-after photos while transforming their suburban garden: 'I literally gasped with joy'

"You should feel so proud of yourself."

Transforming grass yard into a productive garden.

Photo Credit: u/sunshine-dandelions / Reddit

Frustrated with the grass at their new home, one Redditor documented their journey from an ordinary suburban lawn to an inviting and fruitful garden.

The r/NoLawns community where this Redditor shared their photos is dedicated to the beautiful, affordable, water-saving alternatives to traditional turf grass. The original poster is one of many members who turned an ordinary yard into an extraordinary one.

Photo Credit: u/sunshine-dandelions / Reddit
grass yard into bountiful garden
Photo Credit: u/sunshine-dandelions / Reddit

A photo from before the Redditor moved in showed weed-spotted grass behind a slumping chain-link fence. But according to the original poster, a month after they moved in, things started to get interesting.

Their second photo shows a member of the family hard at work digging up grass in the backyard.

At six months in, most of the grass was gone, and the Redditor had staked out a site for their garden bed.

The next progress shot shows the first round of plants the Redditor added. "Raspberries, asparagus, and native plants," they explained. An attractive, forking path divides the yard into several curved beds.

While the next photo seemed green and thriving, the Redditor said it was a misstep. "We initially used clover as a ground cover, but it was an overgrown mess and a mite haven," they said. "I do not think clover is good for a no-mow setup."

Instead, the Redditor took out the clover and added a layer of mulch, which they said is "much better." The next photo showed thriving bushes and flowers against an attractive mulch backdrop.

Finally, the last photo showed a complete garden with lush raspberries, plentiful flowers, and a small fountain.

"The last pic is freaking awesome. Now you have a space that is worth spending time in," said one commenter. "Nicely done, you made your little corner of the world a whole lot nicer."

"I literally gasped with joy when I saw the last two images," said another user. "Amazing work. You should feel so proud of yourself."

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