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Homeowner shares brilliant hack that will help anyone looking to make a garden bed: 'So easy and so beautiful'

"This is just the start."

Garden bed for yard without using any measurements

Photo Credit: @sabrinapougnet / Instagram

One Instagrammer just shared a genius, no-fuss way to plot out a new garden bed for your yard.

Once upon a time, a smooth, uninterrupted grass lawn was the ultimate status symbol for an American yard. But now, more and more people are replacing their grass with vegetable gardens, flowers, and native plants

These alternatives are more personal and fun, they often use less water so they save money, and they're even good for the environment because they feed local pollinators.

For homeowners who want to start the transition with a rectangular flower bed or veggie patch, that's easy to plot out with a length of wood or a string pulled tight. But if you're trying to create a curved bed, it's much harder to make the shape even and smooth. 

That's why Instagrammer Sabrina Pougnet (@sabrinapougnet) shared her favorite method in a video this July.

"If we had to choose between grass or flower beds, we're picking flower beds every time," Pougnet said. "So here we are using a garden hose to choose the shape we want."

Pougnet and her husband are shown laying out the garden hose on their lawn in a rounded kidney-bean shape. The weight of the hose helps keep it in place without staking it down, while the hose's stiffness ensures a smooth, gradual curve — no unwanted bends or wobbles.

Once they're satisfied with the shape and location, the couple traces around it with landscape paint and takes the hose away. Pougnet's husband then removes the sod in the area with a shovel. 

"Now, I know there are easier ways to do this part, but hand-digging is how my husband asserts his dominance over the neighborhood," Pougnet jokes.

"Then we added fresh soil and planted everything in," Pougnet continues, showing how the couple layers soil and compost, then adds plants and tops the bed with mulch.

"The vibe for this garden is pink, which is my favorite color," says Pougnet. "We used a bunch of pollinator-friendly plants so it can be enjoyed by all our backyard friends. Our goal is to one day have the yard full of gardens, so this is just the start."

"So easy and so beautiful," said one commenter.

"It's also fun to add in some veggies with the flowers," said another user. "Like peppers, greens, or zucchini."

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