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Vintage store shares simple trick for 'reviving' 25-year-old leather couch: 'The results were amazing'

"It took me less than an hour."

Furniture salve

Photo Credit: @rustedrosevintageshop / Instagram

Leather sofas are known for durability and longevity, especially compared to fabric couches. And with a bit of upkeep, your leather furniture can last years. 

That's getting a lot easier thanks to a vintage furniture store, which shared its secret to keeping your leather sofa soft and crack-free. In a viral Instagram reel, Rusted Rose Vintage (@rustedrosevintageshop) restored a 25-year-old leather couch using its furniture salve. 

Furniture salves are a mixture of waxes and oils designated to condition and cure leather furniture. In the video, the demonstrator uses a brush to apply the salve to a dry, cracked leather couch. 

The salve, which seems to instantly restore the leather to its former glory, can also increase the longevity of your furniture. The company suggests waiting an hour after application before sitting on your furniture again. You can test surfaces with a microfiber towel to see if they're fully dried. 

The salve is made with hemp oil and is wax-based without fillers or solvents. It is available in multiple scents, including unscented.

The brand recommends using its salve once every six months to keep your sofa looking brand new. It sells the Furniture Salve for $28.99 online and offers a bundle including a brush applicator for $39.99.

Americans throw out about 12 million tons of furniture every year, and only a fraction of this is recycled. Properly caring for your furniture can increase the longevity of your favorite pieces, help you save money, and reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in landfills. 

This salve can protect your leather furnishings, ultimately increasing their lifespan. The average fabric sofa can last seven to 15 years, whereas leather couches can last three times as long with proper care. 

The solvent can also be used on metal to remove oxidation, on raw or finished wood to enhance the wood grain, and even on leather clothing to restore its sheen. 

"I love this product (and the brush)! The results were amazing. It took me less than an hour to apply to our 20-year-old leather couch, oversized chair, and ottoman. Every piece looks brand new," one user commented on the video. 

"Thank you. I have a piece that I love and will now try this to restore it," another added.

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