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Shopper stunned to find iconic Frye leather boots for sale at thrift store: 'They look to be in fantastic condition'

"I've wanted these forever."

"I've wanted these forever."

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These boots are made for walkin', and they cost less than a cocktail. 

An overjoyed thrifter took to the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls to share a pair of high-quality and expensive Frye Campus boots they bought secondhand for only $14.99.  

"I've wanted these forever."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Size 7 which is ½ size bigger than my feet, an insole will do perfectly," they captioned the post.

A pair of Frye Campus 14L boots, which are handcrafted and made from leather or suede, are currently sold online for nearly $500 on the retailer's website.

In the thrifting world, saving exorbitant amounts of money like this is not rare. For example, one thrifter purchased baggies of flatware for $3.49 and then found that these same items were sold elsewhere for $3,950. Another scored two luxury $1,800 suitcases for $20 apiece — a nearly 99% discount. 

This is just one of the reasons why thrift shopping is so popular. According to BusinessDIT, about 16-18% of Americans shop at thrift stores. Based on ThredUp's 2024 Resale Report, that percentage appears as though it will significantly grow. 

Additionally, thrifting allows consumers to shop without participating in some of the harmful environmental impacts that come with overproduction. Every year, 100 billion garments are made. Of that, over 100 million tons end up in landfills, according to Earth.org

Earth.org also notes that most items of clothing are thrown out after being worn only seven to 10 times. So not only are thrifters saving moneyaround $1,700 per year, according to CouponFollow — but they are also extending the life of garments and delaying their trips to the landfill.  

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In the comments section of this particular lucky thrifter's post, other Redditors jumped to offer their congratulations. 

"Brilliant find!" commented one user. "They look to be in fantastic condition!"

"I've wanted these forever," said another. "Congrats." 

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