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Homeowner contemplates sneaky way of bypassing HOA's strict rules against fruit trees: 'It's all I got'

"Did anyone try this?"

"Did anyone try this?"

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One homeowner turned to desperate measures when their homeowners association refused to allow them to grow fruit trees in their own yard. 

"They say I can't plant trees, but what about potting them?" the Redditor speculated. 

This homeowner isn't the first to look for a way around a restrictive HOA policy. 

HOAs are well-known for blocking changes to home exteriors, especially eco-friendly ones like gardens and solar panels. Many have restrictions on the types of plants you can grow despite the fact that a broader variety of plants could save homeowners money. 

After all, traditional lawns, which are favored by many HOAs, use a lot of water. There are many alternatives that are more drought-friendly, lowering the owners' water bills. 

Meanwhile, vegetable gardens and fruit trees produce food for the gardener, lowering their grocery bill. However, HOAs are often more concerned about keeping the neighborhood uniform in the hope that it will keep property values high. 

The homeowner had their heart set on fruit trees, though. Their plan was well thought out.

"I thought about getting three or four medium pots and planting small trees of fruit and putting them outside, like mango or avocado," they said. "That way I can control their size and I'm sure no one will even notice that they are fruit trees because they won't produce a whole lot of fruit due to their medium pot size."

While it wouldn't be ideal for the trees, the Redditor was determined to go forward. "Did anyone try this? I know it sounds like a silly workaround but it's all I got," they said.

Commenters gave them several tips to put the plan into action. "Make sure they don't have a limit on how many pots or 'decoration' you are allowed to have in front," said one user

Another Redditor suggested looking for any specific rules that might eliminate potted trees as a possibility. "What is the specific language in your CCRs?" they asked. If there was an actual restriction on potted plants, the homeowner would first need to change that rule.

A third Redditor was less worried about the HOA, and more worried about the wildlife: "I'd keep an eye on your local wildlife and make sure to pick up fallen fruit as it can attract unwanted guests."

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