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TikToker reveals how to get 'days' worth' of makeup out of a nearly-empty jar: 'Definitely recommend using'

"Definitely recommend using."

Foundation bottle, get extra makeup out

Photo Credit: @lips.liner.leah/ Tiktok

Good foundation is expensive, so of course no one wants to just throw it away — but if you're not scraping out the bottle, you're losing days' worth of makeup. Thankfully, one TikToker recently showed viewers how to get their money's worth out of every bottle.

The scoop

Leah (@lips.liner.leah) is dedicated to "Beauty on a Budget." According to her TikTok profile, she reviews only affordable makeup, including drugstore brands — and with one handy tool, she makes every container count.

@lips.liner.leah How to get every last drop of foundation out of your bottles. this foundation by @hardcandylife is so good its worth getting every drop! #makeupsaving #makeuphackss #frugalmakeup #rubberspatula #budgetbeauty ♬ original sound - Leah | Beauty on a Budget

In a video, Leah demonstrates how she scrapes every drop of makeup out of a nearly-empty jar. 

"Are you running out of your favorite foundation?" she asks. "Well, don't throw it away. Get yourself one of these rubber spatulas and reach in there." 

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The amount of makeup she scrapes from the sides of the jar is enough to generously cover her entire face.

The spatula she uses is a thin, long-handled one that is the perfect size to fit in the narrow neck of a foundation bottle. In a comment, she wrote that she got it on Amazon.

How it's helping

According to Leah, she can stretch each bottle of foundation for several extra days with this hack. While it may not seem like much, a few extra days from every bottle adds up, saving her money. 

"Definitely recommend using," she says in the video.

Squeezing the most out of every makeup purchase is also good for the environment. It means less waste going to landfills, fewer materials and less energy being used on manufacturing, and less heat-trapping gas released by shipping products on trucks and trains.

One Redditor shared a similar hack for getting lotion out of bottles. But unlike lotion, which comes in thin plastic bottles that can be "clam-shelled" open, makeup often comes in stronger jars made of glass or hard acrylic. A tool that fits inside is the best way to access savings, even if it takes an initial investment.

What everyone's saying

Leah's comment section was full of viewers who either wanted to try the hack or already use it. 

"These little spatulas are so awesome lol," wrote one commenter, while another called it "genius!"

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