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DIY champ receives surprising package in the mail after breaking their backpack: 'I didn't know that did that'

"I use it almost daily."


Photo Credit: u/catsmusiclife/ Reddit

A crafty Redditor showed off repairs they made to their backpack with a little help from the brand who made it, Fjallraven.

In the thread posted to the Zero Waste subreddit, the user shared a few photos of their Kanken backpack, both before and after the repair.

"Fjallraven sent me materials in the mail for me to fix my Kanken," they caption the images. 

The Redditor notes that they added a cushion to the bottom of the pack using scrap fabric and "some foam packaging I found previously destined for landfill." Then, the user said they used the G-1000 material Fjallraven sent, which they stitched to the bottom of the bag. "It's supposed to be really hardy," they wrote.

Fjallraven offers detailed repair information on its website – both how to repair items yourself and how to get a little help from the brand. It is just one brand that will help you repair your items. Sustainable outdoor giant Patagonia offers similar repair services on its gear, as does Finisterre

Even though not all items can be repaired, many can. Repairing items can make them as good as new, saving you money by avoiding the need to replace the item entirely. Plus, repairing items keeps those garments out of landfills, which is better for the planet. 

Redditors were impressed by Fjallraven's assistance in updating the backpack.

"I did not know they did that," wrote one Redditor. "My Kanken is developing the very same issue so I'll look into doing this. Thanks for sharing," they wrote.

"Friend of mine has [had] his [Fjallraven] for 26 years and still uses it," wrote another user. "There [have] been some repairs [of course], but nothing major and the company is quite helpful."

Another user said they are using a hand-me-down Kanken from their mom.

"I've been doing little repairs on my Kanken for a while now (minor stuff, really) and it's still going strong," they wrote. "I use it almost daily and my mum did before me. She bought it in Denmark in the early '80s. If the quality of what they sold nowadays is comparable, I think it really tells something about the brand."

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