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DIY expert shares her genius hack for making homemade Febreze: 'This is the real deal'

"It's super easy, cheap, and effective."

DIY expert shares her genius hack for making homemade Febreze

Photo Credit: @going.zero.waste / Instagram

Febreze is a well-known brand for eliminating odors and serving as an air freshener, and it has taken the U.S. and much of the world by storm

As it turns out, there's a cheaper way to make the same thing at home, and it's a bit simpler than one might expect. 

Popular DIY Instagrammer Kathryn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste), who boasts more than 470,000 followers, has uploaded a reel showing the world an easy way to make their very own version of the household product, with some surprising ingredients.

"It's super easy, cheap, and effective," Kellogg says.

The Scoop

The video starts with Kellogg telling viewers that she has "three reasons why you should be making your Febreze instead of buying it." 

She fills a small glass jar with one part vodka and two parts water and explains how the alcohol eliminates odor-causing bacteria. 

"This is an old hack I learned in the costuming department when I was doing theater," she proudly tells viewers. 

How it's helping

Hacks like these save consumers money, as Kellogg mentioned in the reel. 

By ditching products like Febreze for those made from home, like the one mentioned, you can also prevent more plastic from ending up in the environment. 

Considering that plastic waste makes up 80% of all marine pollution and that around 8.8 to 11 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, reusing an old bottle with the homemade solution instead of constantly buying a new one helps keep those plastics out of our oceans. 

This hack can also save you time if your only reason for going to the store would have been to pick up some Febreze or a similar odor-eliminating product.

What everyone's saying

As expected, there was no shortage of questions and comments about Kellogg's most recent hack. 

"This is the real deal!" one person expressed.

"Could I add some essential oils to make it smell nicer?" a curious commenter asked. 

"I don't use essential oils so I've never tried but I believe you can!" Kellogg answered, but added, "I would be worried about oil spots on clothing so definitely make sure you shake it really well!" 

Another person asked an interesting question that many viewers of the reel may have been thinking. 

"Would this make you smell like vodka instead of Febreze?" To which Kellogg answered, "Don't worry, you won't smell like vodka. It dissipates and smells like nothing in just a few seconds." 

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