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Gardener reveals 4 perfect crops to make your fall garden flourish this year: 'Alright, now I want to start [growing]'

This hack means that you'll still have fresh crops growing right outside through most of the fall.

This hack means that you’ll still have fresh crops growing right outside through most of the fall.

Photo Credit: @theshilohfarm / TikTok

Were you too busy this summer to plant a garden? One TikToker says it's not too late, with a comical video listing four possible crops to plant this fall. 

The scoop 

Noah Young (@theshilohfarm) is a TikToker and farmer from Nebraska who loves to post his farming journey and tips. 

Just in time for the fall weather to set in, he suggested four different plants that you can still grow over the next few months: bush beans, Brussels sprouts, basil, and thyme. 

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Bush beans, he describes, only take 60 days to grow, and some say have even more flavor when planted in the fall. 

Some types of brussel sprouts also only take around three months to mature, and Young tells viewers that they can even thrive in the cold — including a light frost. Notably, green gems are very small Brussels sprouts but only take about 85 days to mature. Best of all, they are described to have a "buttery, earthy flavor," making them more appealing to those who typically aren't fond of Brussels sprouts. 

Basil can be planted in the fall and easily transferred to a pot to bring inside, meaning that you'll have it at arm's length all winter long, and thyme can also be planted in the fall. Thyme is a perennial plant, so you'll have the added bonus of it growing back each year. 

How it's helping 

This hack means that you'll still have fresh crops growing right outside through most of the fall and even some herbs throughout the winter — which is less money for you at the grocery store. 

Plus, if you didn't have time to plant produce this summer, now you've got an extra chance. With school and extracurriculars picking up, it could be the perfect opportunity to set aside time for a family activity, and you won't have to deal with the heat anymore. 

Growing your own produce is also great for the environment — it cuts down on pollution. It involves no plastic packaging and no transportation, meaning that there won't be planet-warming gases released in the production of the packaging or from vehicles taking it to and from the grocery store. 

What everyone's saying 

Comments on the post were grateful for the tips and for Young's witty delivery of them — which utilized song to introduce each plant. "Well, you know you make me want to sprout!" Young sang to the tune of "Shout" before talking about brussel sprouts.

"Funny guy while informative!" said one user, while another wrote: "You are so funny and I love your singing!" 

One IG user was inspired by Young's suggestions, saying: "Alright, now I want to start [growing] bush beans." 

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