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Homeowner sparks debate after sharing concern over neighbor's troubling garden modification: 'That isn't good for anyone'

"I would second going round to talk to them first."

"I would second going round to talk to them first."

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A concerned homeowner from London has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on what to do about their neighbors' garden renovation.

The Redditor noted the property is a 1930s terraced house, and the lawn and flower beds from the garden next door were set to be removed.

The addition of a patio, path, and garden room might not appear so concerning, but the installation of artificial turf was a big worry.

"They say the reason they're getting fake grass is because in the winter their lawn gets really boggy and they want fake grass so they can let their newly acquired dog out in the winter," the Redditor explained.

The Redditor said that the landscaping homeowners' garden is "up the hill" from their house, so they were concerned that the lack of absorption from the new turf, as well as the removal of grass and soil in favor of a patio, would lead to more water runoff heading their way in times of wet weather.

After asking whether they could take action to deal with any expected consequences before they arise, the comments section added its take on the situation.

"Check local government/borough rules because a lot of places are naming fake grass as it gets hotter than concrete & it destroys the soil beneath it… might force them to reconsider," one user said

"I would second going round to talk to them first — that way you have at least a chance of retaining a positive or at least neutral relationship," another added. "Very unlikely if you don't."

While some users noted that the fake grass won't be so bad for drainage, others noted other likely problems. 

"No idea about the legality of this, but I do know that fake grass and dogs don't mix well, especially during the summer," one commenter added. "If the fake grass receives direct sunlight 

it'll be like stepping on hot concrete, and that isn't good for anyone."

Meanwhile, other users observed that synthetic turf is often made from plastic containing "forever chemicals" that are known to be carcinogenic, so it could increase the risk of health problems for the neighbors and their dog. 

The removal of grass and flower beds will also impact biodiversity since neither the patio nor the fake turf will encourage pollinators that are vital for a healthy ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the lack of plant life will mean the garden and surrounding areas will be hotter during the summer because the turf and stone will absorb heat and expel it rather than trap it.

It doesn't seem like a wise move overall, and the Redditor's neighbors might soon regret their landscaping choices.

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