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Life hacks expert warns against using popular cleaning product: 'I have no idea why people use it'

"I just used it for the extra nice smelling clothes."

"I just used it for the extra nice smelling clothes."

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A TikToker shared insight into why a popular cleaning product does not actually work well for its intended purpose.

The scoop

Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz) is a TikTok influencer who often shares life tips and tricks that he didn't learn until his 30s. In the video, Raz shares what he learned: not to use fabric softener.

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"Liquid fabric softeners can actually make fabrics more flammable, which no one wants," Raz said, citing a Google search result.

Other fabric softener cons shared by Raz emphasize how its residue can gradually build up on clothing to create barriers resistant to soap and water, as well as cause damage to laundry machines. 

"That's why my wife always uses these," Raz said while holding up a wool dryer ball. "Honey, you were right!"

How it's helping

While fabric softener certainly performs its function and adds a fresh fragrance to your laundry, long-term usage can do more harm to your clothing than good. In addition to the disadvantages mentioned earlier, there are several other ways that fabric softener can lower fabric quality. According to Consumer Reports, fabric softener can gradually reduce the absorption of towels, and buildups inside laundry machines can result in mold or mildew.

The ingredients of fabric softener can also be harmful for your health. An article by the Environmental Working Group states that the chemicals contained in many fabric softener products are known to trigger asthma, skin allergies, and can potentially harm the reproductive system.

Excluding fabric softener from your laundry routine will save you money in the long run. There are various alternatives to fabric softener that are economical and eco-friendly, including baking soda, wool dryer balls, and vinegar. 

Dryer balls, in particular, help to reduce waste and shipment resources that lead to carbon pollution because they can be reused almost indefinitely, avoiding a lot of waste compared to dryer sheets.

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were grateful to learn this money-saving cleaning tip from Raz.

"Dang, I just used it for the extra nice smelling clothes. Guess I'll just use the little beads now," a TikTok user commented.

Other cleaning-savvy TikTokers shared their input on the matter.

"It's also SUPER toxic. I have no idea why people use it on their towels either," one TikToker said.

"It's always seemed like an unnecessary expense to me," another wrote.

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