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Savvy shopper reveals why estate sales are the best place to find a new hobby: 'Great for craft supplies'

"I'm jealous!"

Estate sale Redditor

Photo Credit: u/RandomNumberHere / Reddit

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to pick up a hobby. One Redditor shows that gathering supplies for your latest pastime might not be as expensive as you think.

Before you head to the craft store, consider checking thrift stores or estate sales first. In a Reddit post, this user says they paid only $6 for 10 pounds of Sculpey clay at an estate sale. That's only a fraction of the retail price. 

Just one pack with 1.7 ounces of Sculpey clay retails for $3.29, more than half of what the Redditor paid for 10 pounds. With a variety of different colors, this Reddit user has everything they could need to start sculpting. 

"Estate sales are GREAT for craft supplies. I also snagged a bunch of acrylic paints and unopened Folk Art "Papier" paints for the same price," the Redditor says

Like almost everything else, craft supplies have become more expensive in the past year. Craft stores and manufacturers have reported increased prices for products like yarn, sewing machines, and fabric. 

If you're looking to start a new hobby or continue developing your craft, be sure to check out thrift stores and estate sales to save money on supplies, reduce waste, and find unique materials you may not find in retail stores.

By shopping second hand for supplies, you can turn unused paints, clay, or fabrics into something beautiful, rather than letting them waste away in landfills.  

Reddit users praised this amazing find and shared their experiences seeking cheaper art supplies in the comments. 

"Love estate sales! I have found tons of fabric, buttons, rickrack, glitter etc," a Reddit user comments

Another Redditor adds, "Wow… I'm so envious. I love working with polymer clay and these look like mostly decent brands. Quite a find!" 

One user was shocked at the price tag, saying, "Geez I'm jealous! A set of 30 tiny pieces is like $35 at JOANN's! You got like 50 of the bigger ones for the price of one cube!" 

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