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Gardener shares surprise benefits of using this household ingredient in your garden: 'Oh wow I'm going to [do] this'

The online gardening community has erupted with enthusiasm over this unexpected yet effective hack.

The online gardening community has erupted with enthusiasm over this unexpected yet effective hack.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Gardening is a great way to boost your health and improve your mental state, but sometimes you need a little help. Perhaps this help comes in the form of Epsom salts, which can be used for stress relief or a relaxing bath. Well, it turns out your plants can benefit from some Epsom salts, too.

In a TikTok video by Jacks_Patch (@jacks_patch), Jack shares how adding Epsom salts to your plants can elevate your garden's health and productivity, especially during the critical growing period of the late summer months. 

The Scoop

Under the subtle guise of a laughter-inducing gesture akin to the popular "salt bae" meme, Jack walks around his garden spreading Epsom salts on a variety of plants while sharing the benefits the salt provides to each one. 

@jacks_patch Benefits of Epsom Salts 🧂in the Garden #growyourownfood #permaculture #epsomsalts #gardenhacks #planttok ♬ Afraid To Feel - LF SYSTEM

A large part of the Epsom salt benefit stems from its high magnesium content. The magnesium in the salts can boost flowering, which means your plants can produce more fruits. Jack also highlights that plants naturally deficient in magnesium, like tomatoes, can see a great benefit. 

Other benefits include building cell walls in potatoes, increasing chlorophyll, and being a good slug deterrent.

How It's Helping

Beyond the laughter-filled application, the Epsom salts hack brings forth an array of benefits for both gardeners growing their own foods and the environment. 

On the individual level, it saves time and money, offering an affordable and readily available solution to enhance plant health. The magnesium boost during the crucial August period promotes flowering, ultimately leading to increased fruit production. This benefit is also a boon for garden enthusiasts looking to maximize their yield with minimal effort. 

Environmentally, the hack contributes to sustainable gardening practices by utilizing a common household item, reducing the need for more complex and potentially harmful alternatives.

What Everyone's Saying

The online gardening community has erupted with enthusiasm over this unexpected yet effective hack. Social media users are lauding the simplicity and accessibility of using Epsom salts to enhance plant growth. 

"I've just bought 20kg. I'll add some and sprinkle it like you did," one commenter replied. Another wrote, "Oh wow I'm going to [do] this."

Others are especially excited to combine the dual uses of the salt.

"Why don't you just have an Epsom foot bath first (really good for you!) and then empty the water in your garden," one user suggested, to which Jack replied "Defo."

As the online buzz continues, it's evident that the Epsom salts hack has struck a chord among green-thumbed enthusiasts seeking both practicality and a touch of humor in their gardening endeavors.

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