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Homeowner furious after discovering ‘entitled’ neighbor helping herself to their garden: ‘I don’t want to have problems with this neighbor’

“It astounds me how people can see the inch you’ve extended to them as a favor and take a h*** of a lot of miles.”

"It astounds me how people can see the inch you've extended to them as a favor and take a h*** of a lot of miles."

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Growing your own herbs and vegetables is a fantastic way to save time and money as well as reduce transportation pollution associated with the food industry. 

One gardener encountered a person who got a little too enthusiastic about reaping the benefits of their herb garden, however.

In the subreddit r/EntitledPeople, the gardener explained how they gave two neighbors permission to “snip off any herbs they need” from their garden.

Everything was running smoothly until a new girlfriend of one of the neighbors decided to clip almost all the leaves of herbs that had been growing for only two weeks. 

“I was LIVID. My BF went over and explained that it was too soon, the plants were tiny, not ready, etc. … The neighbor apologized profusely and said the GF wouldn’t be going anywhere near the herbs until I specifically allow it,” they wrote on Reddit.

The OP then went on to detail how they caught the neighbor’s girlfriend in the act of trying to harvest more herbs only a week later.

“Apparently, she can’t make meatballs without parsley and the grocery store within walking distance is too far to go. One of my plants has three leaves on it. Seriously,” they continued

“We looked at each other for a few seconds, and then I just said, ‘Please get your herbs at the store from now on.’ … Hopefully, she embarrassed herself enough to stay away. I don’t want to have problems with this neighbor. He’s nice and quiet and doesn’t bother anyone,” they added.

This tale of the overzealous herb-snipper has a happy ending, with the OP later sharing in an update that “everything is growing back in nicely.” 

However, overpruning has the potential to seriously weaken or even kill plants, which are major allies in regulating global temperatures by soaking up planet-warming carbon pollution. 

Healthy herb gardens also support beneficial insects such as bees and butterfliespollinators that help ensure our Earth is able to produce food. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “35% of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollinators to produce.”

Other Redditors were quick to share in the OP’s frustration, and some chimed in with their own stories of intrusive neighbors and suggested solutions. 

“Did she not know plants take time to grow? It astounds me how people can see the inch you’ve extended to them as a favor and take a h*** of a lot of miles. So rude,” one person said

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