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Homeowner shares incredible before-and-after photos after eliminating invasive plant: 'Worth every bit of effort'

"How did you clear all of that?"

"How did you clear all of that?"

Photo Credit: Reddit

One homeowner is showing off the results of their battle against a common invasive plant.

Unfortunately for the Redditor, English ivy had "taken over" around one-quarter acre of their land, which resulted in an extensive removal project.

"How did you clear all of that?"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"How did you clear all of that?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Spent 66+ hours removing English ivy," the original poster explained in the subreddit r/landscaping. " ... Replaced with native plants to benefit pollinators and wildlife. Looking forward to watching the native plants thrive, worth every bit of effort!" 

The OP also shared a series of 14 before-and-after photos showing just how much ivy they had painstakingly removed. One hillside had been completely engulfed in the vines, which had also begun growing up some towering trees. 

"Jeezy, Louizy... how did you clear all of that?" one person asked

The OP revealed in a comment that they used chemicals to help kill the ivy, but there are ways to get rid of it without risking potential contamination from toxins, with apple cider vinegar an effective natural solution when combined with root and vine removal. 

At first glance, seeing so much green growth in a lawn might seem like a good thing, as plants soak up carbon dioxide, a planet-warming gas. 

However, English ivy can quickly outcompete native species, preventing them from getting enough sunlight to thrive and dangerously weakening tree trunks by accelerating rot by trapping moisture. Japanese knotweed and kudzu are other invasive plants that can wreak havoc on local ecosystems. 

Disruptions can then affect local wildlife, including pollinators β€” some of the most important species on Earth. As detailed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, around 75% of flowering plants and 35% of our food crops rely on these creatures.

One Redditor praised the OP for their efforts and highlighted how even partial upgrades can make a difference. If a full lawn makeover isn't doable, buffalo grass and clover are among the plants that can provide money- and time-saving benefits, as they both require less water and maintenance than traditional turf yards. 

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"Great job! Thank you for your work! We converted some grass to natives [this] year...only about 350ft but it was so so so so great. Almost done prepping another section for next year," the commenter shared

"Congrats to you all as well, every little bit helps! And it's probably way smarter to do smaller sections at a time, my back would have been happy with that…" the OP replied

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