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Homeowner enraged by their neighbor's 'willy-nilly' attempt at keeping pests away: 'What gives them the right?'

"I feel your pain."

Electric bug zapper makes lots of noise

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A homeowner is angered by a neighbor for numerous reasons, including leaving an electric bug killer on at all hours.

"My neighbor recently put up an electric bug zapper and leaves it on 24/7," they wrote in a post on an anti-lawn subreddit. 

The Redditor also complained about how the neighbor "cut down a bunch of trees and bushes since moving in last year for more grass." They said the neighbor's backyard runs into their side yard, where they have planted many pollinator-friendly flowers, shrubs and trees. 

Natural lawns with plenty of trees and plants have proved to be better for homeowners and the environment. 

For one, a lawn with natural flora uses much less water than one that consists of only grass. In the U.S., grass lawns devour approximately 3 trillion gallons of water each year. 

Secondly, there are the toxic planet-warming pollutants that are released every time lawns are mowed. On average, traditional grass lawns in the U.S. utilize 200 million gallons of gasoline for mowing each year, which also creates a lot of not-so-pleasant noise. 

Studies have shown there are also numerous psychological benefits to being surrounded by nature, which natural lawns provide. 

Reddit commenters had plenty to say about the neighbor's unpleasant ways. 

"Perhaps your neighbor has a problem with flies or mosquitoes. You can ask him and then advise him to get plants/herbs that repel those," one person wrote.

"Yeah. What gives them the right to kill insects willy-nilly? I feel your pain," someone else added.

Another commenter had a similar issue. 

"Is your neighbor my neighbor? Ours just cut down a beautiful 22ft pear tree and has hung a bug zapper on its stump," they wrote. "It's pitch black but I can hear it over and over."

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