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Gardener reveals hidden edible plants that might be going to waste in your garden: 'I never knew that'

"If you suck at growing your own food, don't worry."

Edible plant hiding in garden

Photo Credit: @epicgardening / Tiktok

Whether you are a new gardener struggling to grow your first batch of crops or a seasoned planter looking to get the most out of your garden, one TikToker revealed surprising garden plants that are not only edible, but downright delicious. 

In a viral TikTok video, gardening content creator Kevin Espiritu (@epicgardening) shared his horticulture wisdom, promising that even those who struggle with growing food can still enjoy a bountiful harvest. 

He showcased a variety of unexpected edible plants, from sunflowers to unripe nectarines. Espiritu's unconventional edibles list covers a diverse range of garden plants. 

@epicgardening Borage, alyssum, every part of a sunflower, roses, purslane, using dandelions as coffee…the list of unconventional edibles is endless! #garden ♬ original sound - Epic Gardening

"If you suck at growing your own food, don't worry, because you can eat way more of your garden than you think," he said. 

Although most people eat only sunflower seeds, Espiritu said you can eat the entire immature head of the flower. He recommended cooking them with butter and garlic for the best taste. Pickling immature fruits like nectarines can bring out the fruits' sweetness, even if they do not grow to full size. 

Even flowers are edible, like alyssum, bachelor buttons, borage, and roses. Alyssum can be eaten on its own, whereas bachelor buttons and borage make a great edible garnish on drinks and cocktails. Espiritu shared that all roses can be turned into jams, jellies, and syrups. 

These unconventional plants are great for more than just snacks. Dandelions can be brewed into delicious coffee. Gardeners can harvest their roots, roast them, add their preferred spices, and bring everything to a boil in water. 

Espiritu's edible plant hacks can help novice and experienced gardeners get the most out of their harvests. While some plants may not yield the ripe produce we expect, their flowers, leaves, and roots can be transformed into unconventional culinary creations. 

By embracing unusual harvests, gardeners can reduce waste and explore new flavors. 

Enjoying unique edible plants straight from home gardens can reduce our reliance on traditional grocery stores, which use polluting energy sources to transport produce from farms to the shelves. 

By utilizing often discarded parts of plants, we can minimize food waste and contribute to a more sustainable food system. 

With Espiritu's advice, gardeners will not be disheartened if their plants do not grow the "perfect" produce. Even the smallest parts of plants can be surprisingly delicious. 

TikTokers were surprised at how many plants produced edible flowers, leaves, and unripe fruit in the comment section. 

"All roses? Seriously? I never knew that," one user wrote. 

Another TikToker said, "Thank you for sharing this." 

"And just like that, I can say that my roses have become a part of my veggie garden," a user joked. 

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