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Bargain hunter saves hundreds of dollars on a Dyson vacuum in perfect condition: 'I almost fell over in excitement'

"This is a great vacuum!"


Photo Credit: u/r/ThriftStoreHauls / Reddit

Dyson continues to top lists of best-selling vacuum brands, yet the eye-watering cost of a brand new model can be off-putting.

You can imagine one shopper's excitement when they discovered a secondhand Dyson at the thrift store.

Photo Credit: u/r/ThriftStoreHauls / Reddit

In a photo posted to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, the thrifter showed off their new DC22 model — a canister vacuum first released by Dyson in 2010.

Incredibly, this secondhand find only cost $40. That's an enormous discount compared to buying a brand-new Dyson canister vacuum, which could cost shoppers as much as $399.99.

In 2018, Dyson announced that it would stop developing plug-in vacuums and focus instead on battery-powered models. 

But these tend to have a shorter lifespan than corded vacuums. Vacuum Tester reported that battery-powered Dysons should last six years. According to Consumer Reports, a typical vacuum gets around eight years of use.

Buying secondhand vacuums is far better for your pocket and for the environment. In the UK, around 75% of electronic waste ends up in landfill. 

As these electronic goods start to break down, toxic metals — like manganese, cobalt, and nickel in the case of lithium battery-powered Dysons — can leak into the nearby soil and water supplies.

This can be prevented by buying older models, which can be made to last a lot longer if they are properly serviced. 

Dyson no longer services old models like the DC22, but that doesn't mean it's unsalvageable.

The London-based Dyson repair company Capital Repairs, for instance, said that Dysons are "infinitely repairable" with the right expertise. It lists the DC22 as one of the models it services. 

With care and attention, this thrifted vacuum could give its new owner some real bang for their buck.

"I almost fell over in excitement," the Redditor wrote in a caption

"This is a great vacuum! I bought it brand new and spent over 10 times that!" one Redditor replied

"We found a Dyson at a thrift store and it still works great two years later," another added.

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