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TikToker shares the unexpected kitchen object that makes dusting way faster and easier: 'What an amazing hack'

This hack is an efficiency win.

Amazingly simple dusting hack

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One half of TikTokers The GGSisters-Hacks,Tips (@theggsistersofficial) has shared a nifty dusting hack that comes with multiple benefits. 

The video is captioned "Cleaning hack! Try dusting those blinds with tongs!" and offers an alternative to traditional dusters –– which are often made with unsustainable materials. 

The scoop

All you need for this dusting hack is a pair of tongs, two microfiber cloths, and elastics such as hair ties or rubber bands. 

@theggsistersofficial Cleaning hack! Try dusting those blinds with tongs! #cleaningtiktok #cleantok #howto #cleaninghacks #hack #diycleaner ♬ original sound - The GGSisters-Hacks,Tips,👯‍♀️

The video shows one GG sister wrapping microfiber cloths around each side of her tongs and finishing by securing the cloths with elastics.

Once the DIY duster is ready to go, the TikToker takes it to her blinds and shows viewers just how effective the hack is at dusting both the bottom and top of each strand in one motion. And it'll work for ceiling fans, too. This hack is an efficiency win. 

How it's helping

The benefits of this dusting hack are abundant –– it's economically friendly, environmentally conscious, and can even help with allergies. 

While traditional dusters can range in cost and require replacement heads, this solution uses materials many have in their households already. And the microfiber cloths can be easily washed for reuse. Rather than dusters being a recurring expense, this alternative comes at little to no cost.

Also, traditional dusters are often made with plastic handles and heads made with hundreds of small fibers that prevent them from being biodegradable. Switching to this easy option avoids these materials, which can take ages to break down and require dirty energy in their production.

Since this reimagined household product uses microfiber cloths, you also have the added benefit of lessening your sneezes and sniffles. These cloths trap dirt and dust particles and can absorb spills and other liquids — without triggering allergies.

What everyone's saying

Commenters responded with delight and praise for this TikToker's insightful household hack.

"What an amazing hack!" wrote one user. 

"Genius," wrote another.

Whether you have all of the materials to try this out on hand or you have to make a quick run to the store, it's time to give this DIY duster a shot.

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