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Thrift shopper makes incredibly lucky last-minute find in bins while leaving store: 'This beauty caught my eye'

"I've been looking for one like this for YEARS!"

Vintage double wedding ring quilt in thrift store bins

Photo Credit: iStock

If you're looking to live your best cottagecore life, the thrift shop may be the place to start. This was true for one lucky Reddit user who scored a beautiful quilt on their way out of the store. 

The post, which appeared in the subreddit ThirftStoreHauls shows the beautiful double wedding ring quilt.

"Was walking out of the Goodwill bins when this beauty caught my eye in the last bin," the poster said. "Made the whole trip worthwhile." 

As many commenters pointed out, the quilt is a double wedding ring pattern, which was popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The pattern was traditionally sewn by mothers and grandmothers to be given to their daughters on their wedding day. As a result, double wedding ring quilts are often family mementos passed down through various generations. 

Vintage double wedding ring quilt
Photo Credit: u/Sentinel_Victor/ Reddit

The Redditor went on to explain they think the quilt may be from the Great Depression. It has a plain white background and many pastel prints that were popular in that time. 

"The red and white polka dots is a common fabric from the 20s/30s," they said. "There was a quilt revival during the time so everyone and their mothers were quilting, and a lot of manufacturers of feed sacks were printing pretty pastels to encourage women to buy their products during the Depression."

Quilts have always been made from scraps of other fabric. During the Depression in the 1930s and 40s, quilts often utilized a base of plain white cotton. The design of the quilts were made using scraps of fabric leftover from other projects, or feed sacks. In fact, feed sack fabric was so popular many designs became easily recognizable today — like the polka-dot print the OP pointed out in their new quilt. 

Since being posted less than a month ago, the post has garnered almost 2,000 upvotes.

Commenters marveled at the design and applauded the thrifty find. 

"So beautiful," one wrote. "I've been looking for one like this for YEARS! Jealous isn't even the half of it."

Another noted that the way out of the store seems to be when the best discoveries are made. 

"I love it when you get those last minute scores," they commented. "So many times my best find of the day has been something I found while on the way to check out.

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