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Treasure hunter inspires awe with pristine antique toy found at a thrift store: 'My white whale'

"This is magnificent."

Antique dollhouse

Photo Credit: u/Unfair-Albatross-207/ Reddit

Multi-floor dollhouses can sell for hundreds of dollars — but this Redditor managed to find theirs for just $20 at a thrift store. 

The dollhouse features two floors, seven rooms, and even a staircase. There is wiring for lighting fixtures inside and various elaborate pieces of furniture, including a grandfather clock, a piano, and faux velvet chairs. 

But it is a bit of a fixer-upper. The Redditor mentions that the wiring needs to be repaired, and there are small issues, like some of the windows needing trim. However, the dollhouse truly is a great find for the size and the amount of furniture it contains. 

Buying children's toys from a thrift store is a great way to find a more elaborate gift without spending too much money. For example, these parents found their child two toy sets second-hand, and for a young adult, this thrifter found an autographed album for just $1. 

The practice of buying and selling used toys — especially beautiful and intricate ones like this — is also hugely beneficial for the environment. 

Dollhouses can be made of many different materials, but currently, 90% of toys are made with plastic, and only around 5% of plastic materials are recycled from our overall waste. Even with dollhouses that aren't entirely made of plastic, they are still made with a variety of materials, which makes it difficult to sort through what can be recycled

When these materials end up in landfills, they break down and can release toxic chemicals that pollute our fresh water, according to the UN Environmental Program. So not only is it a bargain to shop at a thrift store, but it's also helping the planet. 

Redditors were shocked and in awe of the find. 

"This is magnificent," one user says

"A dollhouse is my white whale," another writes. "I've been on the hunt. You are sooo lucky!"

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