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Shopper thrilled after checking price tag attached to unworn boots at local thrift store: 'This honestly shook me to my core'

"This has happened to me! It's the greatest feeling!"

"This has happened to me! It's the greatest feeling!"

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Love a good set of combat boots? One fortunate Reddit user on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit was able to find a costly pair for a shockingly cheap price.

"Bless the thrift gods. This honestly shook me to my core. Never worn, just my size Docs for $10," the original poster shared

The image shows a like-new pair of Dr. Martens boots that retail at nearly $200.

"This has happened to me! It's the greatest feeling!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Although the boots didn't seem to have any visible damage, fellow Redditors declared the slight wear on the shoes was actually a good thing.

"From my understanding Doc Martens while, yes expensive, are awesome shoes to own. They last a long time and once you get [past] the initial discomfort and work them in they are very comfortable," one fan of the footwear brand pointed out.

Aside from the fun of discovering little treasures in your local thrift store, buying high-quality additions to your closet secondhand can help your wallet and the planet.

Tossing outdated clothes and replacing them according to each changing trend cycle contributes to crises related to humanitarian efforts as well as environmental issues as textile waste continues to pile up in landfills all over the world.

Not only does producing mass quantities of clothing and transporting them to consumers create airborne pollution, but low-quality clothing tends to be made of synthetic materials like plastics that don't offer the benefit of longevity. 

The fast fashion industry is not only associated with hazardous working conditions — such as exposure to toxic dyes and chemicals — but is also culpable for paying these workers notably low wages.

Thrifting fans commented on the post with enthusiasm over the great find with stories of their own secondhand scores.

"Wow!! Great find! My mom found me some Docs in Goodwill & whispered across the racks to me to come grab them as if they were going to be snatched up right that moment," one Redditor said.

"This has happened to me! It's the greatest feeling!" another user celebrated.

"Congrats dude awesome find, have yet to find a pair of Docs in the wild. Although I've already scored 3 different pairs of Jordan's my size. Happy thrifting," a user mentioned

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