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Doctor shares amazing hack for creating makeup remover at home: 'This will save you tons of money'

Mixed and kept in a reusable glass bottle, the cleaner removes all makeup, including waterproof products.

DIY makeup remover

She may have a degree in aerospace engineering, but Dr. Anita Vandyke uses her social media platform to promote sustainable ideas that aren't rocket science. 

While many of the skin products you purchase at the store are packed with potentially dangerous chemicals (looking at you, formaldehyde), the oil cleanser she recently shared has just two natural ingredients.

Dr. Vandyke, author of "A Zero Waste Life" and a "Zero Waste Family," walks her fans through her process for mixing a blend of one-third jojoba oil and two-thirds avocado oil, which can be replaced with organic sunflower oil or hemp oil. 

The cleanser is kept in a reusable glass bottle and removes all makeup, she says, including waterproof products. Users can follow up with a simple bar soap to finish the job.

"This will save you lots of money in the long run and also keep your skin nice and clean," she said.

How it's helping

Everyone wants clean, healthy skin, and going the homemade route helps you avoid the harmful chemicals and unsustainable ingredients found in most skincare products. 

Making your own DIY makeup remover means you know what you're using on your face. Skipping the plastic and going for reusable glass containers cuts down on waste, too, which is better for the planet.

As Dr. Vandyke suggests, it also makes for a meaningful gift — a handy suggestion around the holidays.

What everyone's saying

Followers chimed in with appreciation and ingredient ideas of their own. One shared her preferred blend of rose water and olive oil.

"It's been 5 years without buying water with chemicals in a plastic bottle," that user wrote.

Another chimed in, asking how coconut and almond oil might work.

Being able to make your own products at home can help you save money and feel good about the stuff you use to maintain a healthy skincare regimen. Reusable containers are the icing on the cake. 

Keep up with your routines without adding more plastic to waste bins — and have fun in the process.

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