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Gardener shares the common mistake that could spread disease among your plants: 'Thanks for the reminder'

"The number one reason to keep garden tools clean."

Cleaning dirty tools

Photo Credit : @theyoungnonno/ Tiktok

Get yourself — and your garden tools — ready for spring gardening fun with this simple TikTok hack. If your garden tools have gotten a little grimy while waiting for warmer weather, this TikToker's trick will help you make them look as good as new.

The scoop

In the video, shared by TikToker The Young Nonno (@theyoungnonno), a dirty pair of pruners get a makeover with an eco kitchen staple you might have in your kitchen already: vinegar. 

The TikToker drops the dirty tools into a jar of vinegar and lets them sit for 24 hours. Afterward, they wipe off any lingering debris, give the joint a little lubrication, and they look brand new. "Ready for spring," the TikToker says.

@theyoungnonno The NUMBER ONE reason to keep garden tools clean is stop the spread of plant diseases in your garden. Plus they'll work better and last longer. Buon giardinaggio! #garden #gardening #gardeningtips #gardentok #plants #gardening101 #gardeninghacks #gardeningtips #gardener #gardenproject #gardendesign #plantsoftiktok #hack #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks ♬ MOMENTS IN LIFE - Turreekk

How it's helping

You can't have a garden without a few garden tool essentials. Whether you're using shovels, pruners, or trowels, garden tools are necessary for a healthy, thriving garden. And if you've purchased garden tools before, you know quality makes all the difference. 

But quality comes at a cost, and no one wants to toss out their garden tools because of a little grime — especially if you shelled out some serious cash for your tools.

Not only does sprucing them up with a little cleaning help, but it also keeps those used tools out of the landfill, where they can contribute to harmful pollution.

Plus, a gallon of vinegar will only set you back about $4 versus the cost of purchasing new tools. And vinegar has loads of other uses around the house and in your garden.

What everyone's saying

"The number one reason to keep garden tools clean is to stop the spread of plant diseases in your garden," the TikToker captions the video. "Plus, they'll work better and last longer."

"Thanks for the reminder," writes one TikToker.

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