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New homeowner makes shocking personal discovery while combing through a thrift store: 'I thought they looked familiar'

"Makes my heart swell. You lucked out big time."

"Makes my heart swell. You lucked out big time."

Photo Credit: u/SloppySwishin / Reddit

For some of us, furniture is just that, furniture. For others, it can be much more meaningful.

A recent Reddit post in the community Thrift Store Hauls highlights how a household item from the past can preserve memories, bring us joy, and continue to be useful while attracting the attention and intrigue of social media users worldwide.

The post is titled, "I found my grandparents dining set and buffet at a local thrift store," and shows two pictures of the vintage furniture.

"I thought they looked familiar and eventually realized they were my grandparents'," the original poster explained. After moving back to their hometown, the OP had gone to a local thrift store to furnish their new home and found this beautiful dining set. 

It turns out that after the poster's grandparents died, these items were donated to the thrift store, where they sat for five years. "I'm so stoked that I found them. Score of the century for me," the poster concluded.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Wooden furniture has a significant environmental impact since it requires cutting down trees, which absorb harmful pollutants and produce clean oxygen. Deforestation also harms biodiversity, which means plants and animals suffer the cost of tree loss.

Raw materials for new furniture, such as wood and plastic, also need to be transported by motor vehicle or by ship, which requires the burning of oil, releasing more harmful pollutants into the air.

When wooden furniture is thrown into landfills, it eventually releases its own planet-warming gases into the atmosphere as it decomposes.

In the U.S., furniture and furnishings in the form of waste went up from 8.1 million tons in 2000 to 12.1 million tons in 2018 and represented 8.3% of all the trash in landfills.

Among the best things we can do to reduce our environmental impact is to keep the furniture we buy for as long as possible, and if we want to purchase new furniture, it's better to buy it secondhand at a thrift store like the one posted by the Redditor above.

This not only helps protect trees, wildlife, and our atmosphere, but it can also save you money, as secondhand items are usually more affordable.

Overall, the comments on the post were very positive.

One commenter wrote, "It's a wonderful story! Lifted my day, thank you for sharing."

Another added, "Yeah not only is it beautiful aesthetically, the story itself is also beautiful and deeply touching. Makes my heart swell. U lucked out big time... Or better yet, it was meant to be." 

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