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TikToker issues warning about certain 'low-quality' clothing brands: '[They'll] probably turn to dust in a year and a half'

"The best way to influence is to let people find their own alternative."

TikToker 'deinfluences' fast fashion brands

Photo Credit: @rights4femcels/ TikTok

Fast fashion is a cheap way to buy a lot of clothing, but in the long run, it's often more useful to invest in better-made, more reliable brands.

That's the idea behind a viral video from TikToker Jess (@rights4femcels), which "deinfluences" viewers from buying products made by cheap, low-quality companies. Instead, Jess explains why viewers should look at websites such as The Real Real, Ebay, and Vestiaire Collective to find the similar "elevated basics" that are available on fast fashion sites like Zara. 

These sites offer used high-quality, high-fashion brands such as Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, and Yohji Yamamoto for less than their original buying price. 

@rights4femcels #stitch with @inamarimaki #greenscreen idk shit about shit w fashion but just wanted to put this out there #deinfluencing #fastfashion #zara ♬ original sound - Jess

Buying these brands will allow you to own clothing that will last longer than fast fashion brands. And in a world of ever-changing fashion trends, owning these good-quality items may pay off later. 

And as Jess puts it, "[fast fashion items] will probably turn to dust and bones after a year and a half."

Along with being a good investment, you can also help the planet by cutting back on fast fashion, as it takes a huge toll on the planet. 

For example, it takes about 700 gallons of water to produce one cotton T-shirt, according to Earth.org. Meanwhile, an estimated 430 million barrels of oil is used to produce the polyester that makes up many cheap clothing items. 

Shifting your wardrobe to include less fast fashion and more quality items may feel like an overwhelming endeavor, but it doesn't need to happen at once. For some, it may look like buying one or two higher quality items every few months and just being mindful of how much fast fashion you are consuming. 

One TikTok commenter encourages a different perspective around buying high-quality clothing.

"Perhaps not everyone should wear designer clothes, sometimes they aren't necessarily good quality or isn't people's interest," they write. "Good quality vintage, small brands/artisans … there are a lot of options. The best way to influence is to let people find their own alternative." 

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