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Cleaning expert shares simple hack to replicate expensive dish spray: ‘You are a genius’

“It’s super easy.”

"It’s super easy."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Dupes have been all the rage on the internet lately — with users constantly looking for cheaper versions of their favorite clothing items, makeup, skincare, and more. 

One TikToker just dropped the cleaning dupe to beat: a recipe for the popular Dawn Powerwash that will save you from ever having to purchase another bottle again.

How it works 

Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8) dropped the hack on his Instagram, where he frequently posts life-changing hacks. This one in particular came in response to another user’s question: “What’s something that you learned that absolutely blew your freakin’ mind?” 

Howlett first gives a demonstration of the classic Dawn Powerwash formula, noting how it bubbles when sprayed onto a surface. 

Then he empties the bottle and demonstrates his formula. 

It includes regular dish soap to fill up the first third of the bottle, followed by about two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and filled the rest of the way with hot water. He suggests adding peppermint essential oil if you want a scent for the soap — which would then also turn the spray into a roach and ant repellent. 

He concludes by spraying the solution to show the same suds building up, saying: “You don’t need to get another [bottle,] you can just refill it. It’s super easy.” 

How it’s helping 

The hack is cheaper than buying Dawn Powerwash at $5 a bottle. You can get dish soap at most dollar stores, and rubbing alcohol costs just $2 to $3. 

Peppermint oil is a multipurpose ingredient, so it certainly won’t go to waste. It can be used to ward off pests, like mice and spiders, and it can even get the mildew scent out of your washing machine. 

It’s also much more environmentally friendly to refill one bottle over and over than it is to buy a new bottle each time you run out. Approximately 40 million tons of plastic is thrown away in America each year, and only 5% of that plastic is recycled. So cutting down even a few bottles at a time makes an impact. 

Instead of spending the extra money, Howlett is right — it’s probably better to just refill at home. 

What everyone’s saying 

Commenters on the post couldn’t get over the incredible hack.

“You are a genius,” said one user. 

Another doubled down, saying, “You are the best hacker in the game.”

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