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Driver captures distractingly bright LED advertisement truck driving on interstate: 'How is this legal?'

"It absolutely ruins my night vision."

"It absolutely ruins my night vision."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Advertisements have become widespread across the globe, infiltrating the public's everyday lives. However, some ad schemes have gone too far, threatening the safety of people.

A frustrated driver shared an image of a truck on Interstate 95 with massive promotional screens. Each side of the truck had bright, fluorescent advertisements playing as cars drove by. 

"It absolutely ruins my night vision."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Redditors agreed that the glaring ads are not only a nuisance, but also a danger to others on the road.

"I really hate that those blast at 100% all the time. Very distracting, and it absolutely ruins my night vision," commented one user.

"My neighbor has one on his car. It's infuriating that no place is safe from ads. I now have billboards on my residential street," wrote another Redditor. 

For drivers, the fluorescent lights from the ad truck can be a major distraction, causing them to lose focus on the road. 

From an environmental standpoint, advertisements like these encourage unnecessary purchases. Overconsumption is a major threat to the globe. When consumers have a "quantity over quality" mindset for shopping, more products end up rotting in landfills.

Purchasing new goods also contributes to the planet's rising temperatures. The production and transportation of products often relies on the use of dirty energy, which releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. 

Redditors were shocked and outraged by the relentless marketing scheme.

"How is this legal?" wrote one user.

"Well either: A. This is a new thing so laws about it haven't really been passed yet or B. There are laws against it but like those obnoxiously bright led headlights, there's no enforcement whatsoever so there may as well be no laws," responded a Redditor

"Once again, I recommend smashing those things," joked one user. 

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