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Home gardener shares unbelievably simple hack for making cucumbers last longer: 'It makes sense now'

"Does it take the bitterness away?"

Home gardener shares unbelievably simple hack for making cucumbers last longer

Photo Credit: @growing.in.the.garden / Instagram

An Instagram reel shows viewers how to make cucumbers last longer and taste better.

The home gardening Instagrammer Angela Judd (@growing.in.the.garden), who has 154,000 followers, provides simple tips on how to give cucumbers some extra life and taste with a simple and natural method.  

"Cooling off cucumbers quickly after harvest is the secret," she says in the video. 

The scoop

Judd briefly explains that keeping cucumbers cool makes them last longer and taste better, and she goes on to show viewers how the simple trick is done.

She displays an image of a large bowl filled with ice, which she then fills with water. She subsequently chucks the recently harvested cucumbers into the ice bowl and explains to viewers that they need to be kept there for 15 minutes.

"Store the cucumbers in the fridge for the longest storage life," she concludes confidently. 

How it's helping

Growing your own food is much better than buying produce from the store or supermarket, both for our own health and our planet. 

Research indicates that prepackaged foods can contain various chemical contaminants derived from plastic or canned packaging materials, which can potentially migrate onto the food.

Opting to cultivate your own produce instead of purchasing packaged foods helps prevent the production of additional plastic and metal used for canning. Plastic, in particular, poses significant sustainability challenges.

Globally, around 300 million tons of plastic waste are generated each year, and only a fraction is recycled (a mere 5% in the U.S.). 

What's everyone saying?

There were plenty of comments and questions.

"Does it take the bitterness away?" one person asked, to which Judd answered with a simple, "No, but try growing Armenian types, they don't get bitter in the heat."

This commenter expressed their gratitude by expressing how they are "definitely saving this one! Thanks for the great tips!" 

"Cool as a cucumber. It makes sense now," another added.

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