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Dad discovers unbelievable $1,800 suit jacket for just $8 while shopping with son: 'Isn't it a fantastic [feeling]?'

A similar jacket on the Corneliani site costs $1,200.

Corneliani suit jacket for $8 at a thrift store

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Suit jackets can be tricky to find for a good price, especially if you're buying for a teenager who's bound to grow out of it in a year or two. One Redditor managed to snag an unbelievable deal — a Corneliani suit jacket for $8. 

The post features a beautiful gray and blue suit jacket that the Redditor found in a thrift store for their son. A similar jacket on the Corneliani site costs $1,800

"Isn't it a fantastic [feeling] when you're browsing and come across a great find?" the Redditor wrote in the comments. 

This isn't a one-time incident, either. Others have found incredible deals on expensive clothing and home items at thrift stores — one thrifter found a $1,500 Brooks Brothers coat for just $45, and another snagged a 44-piece set of high-quality dishes for $220. 

Not every trip to the thrift store will get you a highly expensive item for such a good price, but thrifting has other benefits as well — it's great for the environment. 

Thrown-away clothing is the top source of textile waste in America — more than 9 million tons of clothes and footwear ended up in landfills in 2018 alone, reported the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

On average, the number of times a clothing article is worn has decreased by 36% in the past 15 years. This is creating an even higher demand for clothing, and Statista reported that the demand is expected to increase in 2024. 

Thrifting new items and selling your old clothes instead of throwing them out are great ways to save money and help the environment — decreasing the demand for clothing and the amount that gets sent to landfills.

Plus, if you find a deal like this Redditor did, you'll really be happy you gave it a try. 

Commenters on the post were impressed. One wrote, "Where are you? I want to go to some of these thrift stores." Another posted, "Beautiful cut on that jacket! Lucky find, enjoy it!"

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