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Homeowner shares how they ended a mole infestation in their yard without any traps or poison: 'Thanks for the tip'

"Have they moved next door?"

Easy tactic for safe, non-harmful mole removal

Photo Credit: @the_bees_edwardian/ Tiktok

Though moles are cute, they're not the kind of critter you want living in your lawn. Moles tunnel beneath your lawn, creating unsightly molehills. 

Luckily, TikToker Lydia (@the_bees_edwardian) has shared a simple trick to get rid of moles using something you already have in your pantry: coffee.

@the_bees_edwardian Reply to @michaelflatters I think we're officially mole free! 🥳 #moles #coffee #toogoodtobetrue #molefree ♬ Summer day - TimTaj

The scoop

Unlike most of us, moles hate the smell of coffee. To keep them from returning to your yard, simply sprinkle your leftover coffee grounds around the mole holes in your lawn. The smell will drive the moles away.

Even after they're gone, be sure to treat your lawn with coffee every now and then to keep moles away. Once a month, Lydia filters water through her leftover coffee grounds and uses this to water the lawn. 

How it's helping

Mole removal can be pricey, costing you anywhere from $100 to $550. Using coffee grounds saves time and money without killing these critters. While most traps kill the moles they capture, coffee grounds simply encourage the moles to move somewhere else. 

Pest control can be dangerous for more than just moles, too. Some mole removal services use toxic chemicals that can injure pets, children, and local wildlife. Coffee, on the other hand, as well as being harmless, is actually good for your soil. 

Coffee grounds contain nutrients that can fertilize your plants and enrich your soil. Lydia's hack lets you protect your lawn, feed your garden, and reduce your waste all at once.

What's everyone saying?

Folks were grateful to learn this easy, harmless method of mole removal. 

"Thanks for the tip!" one user comments

"Have they moved next door?" a user jokes

Luckily, there is plenty of space for the moles now that they've left Lydia's yard. "We back onto hundreds of acres of fields," Lydia says. "I'm sure they'll be happy there!"

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