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Homeowner shares striking before-and-after photos of their unconventional lawn: 'I don't care what anyone says'

"This looks great!"

“This looks great!"

Photo Credit: u/2legs9lives / Reddit

After struggling with a damaged lawn, one Redditor said they turned to clover for an incredible range of benefits.

Clover lawns are just one of the many trending alternatives to turf grass. While grass may be traditional, it's expensive due to its water needs — and, as this Redditor discovered, it can be difficult to keep it looking healthy.

Photo Credit: u/2legs9lives / Reddit

"I pulled it out because the grass was damaged by pet urine," they explained in a comment. The "before" photo in the post shows the damage clearly: about half of their small backyard is brown, the rest is patchy, and some areas even have bare dirt showing.

But that all changes in the "after" picture, where the yard is filled from edge to edge with thick, soft, vibrant green clover. The only patches here are patches of sunlight.

"The mix I did was mini clover, white Dutch clover, and grass seed," they explained. "Pure clover lawns don't hold up to foot traffic very well, so you need to also add grass seed to add durability."

What clover is resilient against, according to this Redditor, is pets. "Clover is pet urine resistant and evergreen!" they said. Their results definitely seem to back that up.

Clover lawns also have a range of other benefits. The flowers provide food for bees, which are essential pollinators that need help to survive in today's damaged ecosystems. Unlike grass, it only grows a few inches high and then stops, so you don't have to mow. Plus, its deeper root systems make it more resilient to drought than grass, and it needs less water overall, so it stays greener while costing less for irrigation. It can even help revive depleted soil by reintroducing nitrogen, a vital nutrient for other plants.

Plus, it's just lovely to look at. "Clover is way prettier than grass... I don't care what anyone says," said one commenter.

"This looks great! I was planning on doing something similar once it cools off a bit," another user said.

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