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Shopper stunned after buying $17 case labeled 'do not open' at local thrift store: 'It was taped shut'

"I am not a rule follower."

Case photography lights

Photo Credit: Reddit

A lucky Redditor may have just scored the thrift store mother lode after looking in a case labeled "do not open."

"I found a closed case at a local thrift shop," the Redditor wrote. "It was taped shut, and marked 'Do not open.' Because of that, it had sat unsold and had been marked down from $100 to $17 over time. I am not a rule follower."

The user went on to note that the inside of the case featured a photographer's setup, including a monolight, two light stands, two umbrellas, and sync cords — all apparently unused.

Thrift stores are havens for used clothes but many also carry items across a number of other categories, including homewares and miscellaneous items.

Shopping these aisles can save you loads on items, including dishes, cookware, and glassware, as well as other household items, including small appliances, lamps, and more.

For a budding photographer, this type of score can help take your work to the next level while bringing significant savings. 

"Depending on the brand this could be worth a lot," one user wrote.

Another commenter noted that some of the items could be scored for $50 or $60 new on Amazon, although only for cheaper models. 

"Cool find though congrats that's awesome that would not [last] that long here in nyc," they wrote, adding that their local thrift store would have likely opened it and probably sold the items in pieces instead of as a single set.

"Wow, what an incredible oversight on the part of the thrift store," one Redditor wrote.  

Another Redditor brought up a good point about selling unopened items. 

"It's hilarious that the thrift store sold it without opening it up," they wrote. "Could have been full of gold bullion."

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