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Cleaning wizard demonstrates magic DIY hack to make your oven sparkle without any scrubbing: 'This ... is my go-to'

"Incredible …. will have to give this a go."

Easily cleaning the oven without any scrubbing

Photo Credit: @mama_mila_au / Instagram

Cleaning the oven can be a tedious task for anyone who likes a clean kitchen. Instagram user Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_au) is showing folks how easy it can be — with no scrubbing involved. 

The scoop

In a video she shared on her Instagram page, Mila shows users how to concoct a mixture of water and lemons to make a DIY cleaning solution. She bakes a heatproof glass container filled with water and lemon slices for 20 minutes in the oven "until steamy." 

She explains that once the water is warm, you can sprinkle the lemon mixture with some baking soda on your oven door and walls. "The citric acid in the lemons help cut through grease and the baking soda makes scrubbing easy," she wrote in the caption. 

In the comments, she said she deep-cleans her oven at least four times a year but uses this lemon trick between cleans to keep her oven sparkly and her kitchen smelling wonderful. 

How it's helping

Mila's video is one way that users can keep their ovens clean without using any harsh chemicals. These chemicals pose numerous risks to human health because of their noxious components. The health impacts can constitute everything from minor eye irritation to burns on the lips, hands, and arms. Inhalation can also cause damage to the lungs and internal organs. 

Her kitchen hack for cleaning the oven also cuts down on the need to purchase synthetic chemical cleaners. Since her hack only uses lemons and baking soda, which are two ingredients commonly found in most kitchens, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to carry out between major oven cleans. Plus, you can use a lemon that may be on the verge of needing to get thrown out, which can decrease the amount of food waste your kitchen produces and leaves your kitchen smelling amazing. 

What everyone's saying

Other users shared how they can use this hack in the comment section of the video. "I have to do this after this week's holiday," one user said. 

"Incredible, love that there is no need for chemicals! Will have to give this a go," another user wrote. 

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