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Dad shares non-toxic hack for making filthy baking sheets look brand new again: 'Look at that shine'

Spoiler: It does not require "letting it soak."

Spoiler: It does not involve “letting it soak."

Photo Credit: @theforbidden403 / TikTok

It's been a long night — you burnt dinner, one of your kids threw up after eating too much ice cream, and everywhere you step is sticky. You scrub the floor, put the kids to bed, and clean the entire kitchen, but there is still one thing left…a pan. It is taunting you because it knows there is no way you'll clean it tonight.

If you're looking for a true win, try this non-toxic hack from TikToker Jesse (@theforbidden403) to make your filthy pans and baking sheets look brand new. 

The scoop

You may think soap will solve all of your cleaning problems, but this hack with baking soda and vinegar will save you time and effort.

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Step 1: Apply baking soda to the problem areas on the cookware.

Step 2: Soak it with vinegar.

Step 3: Grab a sponge and hit those problem areas harder than you've hit your kid's Halloween candy this year.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat.

"Look at that shine," the TikToker says of the spotless pan. 

How it's helping

Dads need wins, too. 

How it's really helping

Increasing the longevity of home goods saves time and money and keeps needless waste out of landfills. 

By adopting a more sustainable approach to basic household chores, we have the ability to reduce the frequency with which we need to replace things. 

This technique can help us reduce our personal environmental impact and become more responsible consumers. 

What people are saying

People were grateful for the tip. One person added, "I like to let it sit to loosen it then it's minimal work," which means for all of us "gonna let it soak" people, we still have an excuse.

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