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Home chef reveals simple, chemical-free hack to deep-clean a dirty air fryer: 'Made my day easier'

Regularly deep cleaning your air fryer extends its life.

Deep cleaning an air fryer

A gentle deep clean might sound like an oxymoron, but one viral hack is showing that it isn't. The video reveals how you can effectively remove all that pesky food stuck inside your air fryer — with just three simple ingredients.

The Scoop

Self-proclaimed home hacks queen Carolina McCauley (@carolina.mccauley) shared the easy trick in an Instagram Reel, showing her followers how to deep clean an air fryer. Her trick claims to lift out the food that often gets stuck in the nooks and crannies without causing any damage.

"How to deep clean an air fryer the easy way," she captioned her video.

As McCauley shows in her video, start by adding one tablespoon of dish soap and one cup of baking soda to the basket of your air fryer. Then fill it with hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes. This mixture should lift out all that cooked-on grime. 

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Finally, dump the solution and rinse the basket thoroughly. You'll have an air fryer ready to cook more time-saving meals.

How it's helping

Cleaning your air fryer with soap and water works well but doesn't always remove cooked-on foods. And dishwashers aren't a great option, either. The high temperatures and abrasive cleaning agents can wear down the non-stick coating on the basket.

But the non-toxic cleaning method in McCauley's video allows you to deep clean your air fryer without harsh cleaners or excessive scrubbing.

Air fryers have grown in popularity in recent years, partly because they can create a super crisp texture with very little oil, making them healthier than deep frying. They're also often faster, as they can cook most foods within minutes. 

These compact electric appliances are also great because they don't worsen indoor air quality — unlike gas stoves, which release pollutants into the air that can trigger respiratory issues and cause the planet to overheat. 

Regularly deep cleaning your air fryer extends its life, meaning you can make more super quick and healthy meals without putting your family's health — or the planet — at risk with harmful fumes from gas cooking.

What everyone's saying

McCauley's Reel was reposted on another popular account, @healthyeatingfeed. From there, she inspired other users to try out the trick. 

"I need to do mine," one user commented.

"Made my day easier," another added.

But others were less receptive to this tip. 

"Disagree," another wrote. "Too easy to take apart in 2 seconds, then hit with warm, soapy water and a sponge."

"I just put mine in the dishwasher," another added.  

Although many air fryers are labeled dishwasher-safe, you'll want to hand wash the basket if it has a non-stick coating.

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