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Shopper instantly regrets purchase after discovering concerning amount of packaging: 'It's like Russian Nesting Garbage'

"Next time buy [a] multiple pack?"

“Next time buy [a] multiple pack?"

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One horrified shopper just shared a picture that says everything anyone could need to know about Claritin's approach to waste and looking after the environment.

Apparently, this shopper had a sudden, unexpected need for an allergy pill. "I only got it as an emergency," they explained in a comment. "I immediately regret my decision…"

Photo Credit: r/Anticonsumption / Reddit

The photo of their purchase shows a single, tiny Claritin tablet. The pill came packaged in a blister pack made of plastic and foil, which was inside a larger foil package, which was inside a cardboard box — an unbelievable amount of garbage for just one dose of medication.

Just in case there was any doubt about whether the box contained multiple pills, though, the printed label reads "1 tablet."

"It's like Russian Nesting Garbage," said one disgusted commenter.

Excessive packaging is an issue that has been growing in the public's awareness. All that unneeded cardboard and plastic costs money, a price that is usually passed on to consumers. 

Plus, it generates an unnecessary amount of garbage that can end up as environmental litter or ocean pollution. Many of these materials are difficult or impossible to recycle, so the best-case scenario once they're out in the world is that they take up space in a landfill — not a good use of resources and not good for the environment. 

Meanwhile, buyers have to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of all the extra trash.

As some commenters pointed out, the multiple layers of packaging may have been for safety's sake. However, there are still ways to cut back on the waste. "Next time buy [a] multiple pack? I think you will need this pill again anyways," suggested one user.

You can also choose brands that package their pills in plastic bottles, which can be donated to be reused or recycled.

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