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Woman reveals why you should never just throw old Christmas lights away: 'I don't even want to imagine the amount of money I wasted'

"There you go! Now they work!"

“There you go! Now they work!”

Photo Credit: @alwaysandforever528 / TikTok

There's nothing more frustrating than dragging all of your Christmas decorations out only to find that you need to go buy new Christmas lights. 

One TikToker just shared a hack that could eliminate that frustration altogether. As it turns out, even the biggest Christmas fanatics didn't know that sometimes you just need to change the fuse in your lights. 

The scoop 

Bobbie Ewers (@alwaysandforever528) posted this "life-changing" hack on TikTok to save viewers time and money on their holiday decor. 

If your lights aren't working when you plug them in, check the plug for a box that can be opened. 

If it can be opened, it's likely because you can change the fuses inside. You'll find extra fuses in the same bag as the extra bulbs and other supplies, but if you've thrown yours away, a commenter wrote that they're available at your local hardware store for just a few dollars. 

You can remove the fuses using a pair of tweezers or small pliers and replace them with new ones and your lights should be ready to go! 

"There you go! Now they work!" Bobbie exclaimed. 

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How it's helping 

Between presents, food, decorations, and family gatherings, Christmas can be an incredibly expensive holiday. One dismayed commenter echoed all of our thoughts when they wrote, "I don't even want to imagine the amount of money I wasted on Christmas lights." But the good news is, now you won't be wasting any more money — your Christmas just got a little cheaper. 

Plus, there are other ways to save on the holiday, too, like thrifting for presents, learning to wrap your gifts without using any tape, and even feeding your tree to local farm animals when you're done with it! 

This money-saving hack is also great news for the environment. 

About 140 million tons of garbage is sent to landfills every year. Due to the materials used in lightbulbs, they can take up to 5,000 years to decompose.

As garbage builds up in landfills, they release harmful, planet-warming gases into the air — instead of contributing to that, it's easier to just change the fuses in our Christmas lights instead of wasting time and money rebuying them each year. 

However, when your lights do finally meet their end, there are still plenty of ways to dispose of them without hurting the environment, like taking them to a waste management facility or possibly even your local home improvement center. 

What everyone's saying 

Many viewers of the TikTok couldn't get over the fact that the solution to such a frustrating problem was right in front of them the whole time. 

"You're telling me I have been throwing away my Christmas lights for the past 7 years and all I had to do was this?" asked one user.

Another wrote, "I don't even WANT to imagine the amount of money I've wasted on Christmas lights."

A third user added, "My mind is blown." 

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