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Video sparks outrage online after content creator makes 'inexcusable' waste for views: 'Not even remotely funny or entertaining'

"I don't know who watches and subscribes to this …"

"I don’t know who watches and subscribes to this ..."

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One content creator recently made an attempt to get some attention on the internet by dumping a bunch of chocolate milk on the floor of his kitchen. It worked, sort of, as the resulting video ended up being posted on the r/extremelyinfuriating subreddit, a "place for users to share and discuss things that drive them to the brink of anger."

"This wasted chocolate milk," the poster captioned the video.

The creator who made the original content, later identified as Shane Nagy, captioned it, creatively, "Cutting chocolate milk in half." In the 11-second-long video, he cuts a sealed, full gallon of chocolate milk in half with a knife, causing the milk to spill all over the place. Then, he offers one of the cut halves of plastic to an imaginary person and says the word, "Here."

Nagy even doubled down, wasting another gallon in a similar video by smashing it on the ground, even though he hasn't wasted on the level of MrBeast (who at least also has earned praise for philanthropy and conservation videos).

Presumably, there is somebody out there who may have found Nagy's milk-wasting at least somewhat amusing. That person was not to be found on the r/extremelyinfuriating subreddit.

"People like this really suck. I don't know who watches and subscribes to this kind of crap," wrote one commenter.

"The waste. The mess. The cleanup. The idiocy. All for something not even remotely funny or entertaining," wrote another.

A third commenter, responding to someone who had written that the content creator had purchased the chocolate milk and could do whatever they wanted with it, wrote, "Because not everything is based around ownership of things, sometimes things are just really pathetic. Wastage of food items/drinks is bad just in general, it doesn't matter if you own it or not."

To that point, food waste is a huge problem in the United States, even without counting the people who are intentionally wasting it to make TikTok videos. The average American household throws away $1,500 of food per year. Globally, an estimated one-third of all food produced ends up going to waste.

And the environmental impact of getting this food to consumers — in particular of milk and other dairy products — is massive. There are 270 million dairy cows in the world, which produce planet-overheating gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. 

In addition, those cows produce massive amounts of manure that is often inadequately treated and can pollute nearby drinking water.

Considering everything that had to happen for this gallon of chocolate milk to be produced, it certainly deserved a better fate than being wasted in a piece of micro-content.

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