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Thrifter sparks jealousy after scoring $3,500 designer coat for a tiny fraction of the price: 'Seems too good to be true'

It's hard to believe anyone would throw out this gorgeous luxury coat.

Celine designer coat

Photo Credit: u/Munion / Reddit

Some thrift store finds almost feel like fate. One Redditor discovered their dream designer coat at a thrift shop that fit so well, it seems like it was tailored especially for them. 

In a popular Reddit post, one user shared photos of a Celine trench coat they thrifted at a Value Village in Canada. They paid just $26.44, even though the coat is worth around $3,500, making this an incredible deal. 

The photos feature the olive-green coat with silver buttons and a tie closure. It even has the original Celine label and serial number. 

Thrifting can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you find an amazing piece that's a few sizes too big or small. The coat fits this lucky thrifter so well they won't need to visit the tailor.

"Honestly seems too good to be true," the Redditor wrote. "[I] may have peaked."

Celine coat
Photo Credit: u/Munion / Reddit
Celine coat
Photo Credit: u/Munion / Reddit

Celine is a French luxury clothing brand founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. She originally made children's shoes. The company expanded into women's fashion, creating minimalist, wearable designer clothes rather than frivolous frocks unsuitable for day-to-day wear.  

Today, the brand creates designer bags, fragrances, accessories, and clothes for men and women.

Not only did thrifting bring this Redditor a luxury coat at a fraction of the retail price, but they are helping the environment, too. 

Purchasing secondhand apparel helps increase the lifespan of pieces, diverting them from landfills and into someone's closet, while reducing demand for newly made items. With perpetually shifting fashion trends, many people discard clothes and shoes they no longer wear. These wasteful practices contribute to the 101 million tons of textile waste created annually.

While it's hard to believe anyone would throw out this gorgeous luxury coat, it could have ended up in a landfill if this lucky Redditor never discovered it in the thrift store. 

Fellow Redditors were shocked by this unbelievable secondhand treasure in the comment section. 

"Gorgeous, and it fits you great," one user wrote. "What a nice find."

Another Redditor said, "Wow, what a score. I love the buttons, they're so unique."

"You and this coat were made for each other," a third member added.

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