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Parent shares unusual label they found on their child's jacket: 'The company itself is recognizing it'

"It took me a minute."

Cat & Jack

A recent photo shared on Reddit reveals a somewhat unusual label found in a child's jacket that social media users are praising. 

"The name tag on my kid's jacket has lines for 3 names for hand-me-downs," u/sixpackremux writes in a popular post on r/mildlyinteresting. 

The photo showcases a children's clothing brand's label with three blank lines labeled, "Explorer #1, Explorer #2, and Explorer #3," encouraging hand-me-downs. 

The poster continues and praises the clothing brand, Cat & Jack, saying, "I'm a fan of their clothing line. They're great!" 

Clothing companies know that kids grow at all sorts of paces and that some will need an entirely different coat after just a single season. Typically, these now-too-small coats and clothes remain in good, or even unworn, condition — prime for hand-me-downs. 

Hand-me-down labels, like the one above from Cat & Jack, encourage caregivers to pass on pieces that no longer fit to other children, whether their own or via clothing donation.

Sharing clothing not only saves a ton of money, but it also prevents clothing items from collecting dust in your home or being sent to a landfill.

In 2022, CWB published an interview with a spokesperson from Five of Us, a childrenswear brand that investigated fashion industry waste, concluding that more than 3.15 billion articles of children's clothing are thrown away every year.

"It's a huge problem, and this is why we believe that it is never too early to start educating our children about sustainability and about where their clothing comes from (and ends up)," the spokesperson said.

Brands encouraging the reuse of their own products can impact these numbers.

The photo of the Cat & Jack hand-me-down label garnered so much attention that users shared it under the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, with numerous Redditors praising Cat & Jack's product quality and generous return policies.

"I can confirm that this brand will likely last through 3 kids. I wish they made clothes in grown folk sizes," comments one user. 

"It took me a minute to convince my husband that Cat & Jack last longer than the Walmart brand," writes another. "It's worth the extra couple bucks, they last longer & I can pass down clothes that still have wear in them."

Another user points out that it was cool to see a brand explicitly promoting the sharing and rewearing of its clothing, a practice that benefits the planet but perhaps not profits. 

"The point is, the company itself is recognizing it," one user notes. "[I don't know] enough about Cat and Jack to laud their name, but it's still really cool and not something I see in other kids' clothes."

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