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Cat owner shared remarkable transformation photo after reviving their scratched-up couch: 'Wow, that's gorgeous'

"At first glance it looked like it was embroidered right onto the couch."

Couch, Remarkable transformation

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One of the significant downsides to having a pet in your home is the potential damage they can cause to your things, like chewing on shoes or stealing socks and hair ties. 

One cat owner showed how they recovered their beloved couch from cat scratches and added some new decorative flair in the process.

The Reddit user shared the before-and-after photos of their couch, which had a corner ripped down to the frame, on the r/Visiblemending forum. In the caption, the user explained how they had gone as far as to consider buying a new couch after their fluffy feline had ripped a hole in it. But, after some internet research, they discovered how to add an embroidered appliqué patch to cover the damage. 

Cat Scratch Sofa Repair
Photo Credit: u/mamasflipped / Reddit

The user explained that they had Gorilla-glued the patch on and secured it with pins to allow it to dry. 

"I bought the cat a scratching a new post, hopefully, he'll use that instead of my repaired sofa," the user wrote in the caption. 

One of the perks of repairing damaged furniture rather than purchasing a whole new set is the cost. In the comments section, the user shared that they spent only $21 on the two patches since they had the glue and pins on hand. In comparison, couches could cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. Plus, repairing furniture keeps these beloved pieces in homes where they can still be utilized, rather than landfills where they just take up space.

Reddit users were stunned by the couch's transformation and the poster's craftiness. "Wow, that's gorgeous! At first glance it looked like it was embroidered right onto the couch. Very nice!!" one commenter shared.

Other users noted that the design of the patch looks like it was hand-sewn onto the fabric. A few other folks suggested that the poster stock up on those patches since the cat would likely damage seat cushions or other couches.

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