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Tenant distraught after discovering landlord throwing their belongings away: 'Don't let it slide'

"I would rage."

"I would rage."

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A Reddit user in r/SavageGarden, a forum dedicated to information and photos of carnivorous plants, shared the shocking case of their vanished vegetation and what was much worse than just a petty plant thief.

The Redditor included several pictures of their missing plants, including a sundew, a Venus flytrap, and a Pinguicula "Florian," the first and last of which were especially painful to lose as they were both gifts from loved ones.

According to their post, the plant owner had left the plants on top of their parked car in the morning to give them some sunlight, and the plants were nowhere to be found just a few hours later.

"I would rage."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I would rage."
Photo Credit: Reddit

When asked how they knew the plants were thrown away and not simply stolen, the original poster explained that they had a security camera installed outside their apartment, which clearly showed the OP's landlord throwing the plants away. 

"Landlords suck, man," they concluded their post. 

Owning carnivorous plants can be a fun, eco-friendly way to manage pesky insects in your home while adding a unique flair to your greenery collection.

This plant-based pest control method is not only effective, but it can also save you money on insect repellents that contain dangerous chemicals.

This post depicts the ongoing struggle across the country between landlords and tenants, especially over matters that have to do with leading an Earth-loving lifestyle.

Having a discussion with your landlord or HOA to change bylaws or negative attitudes regarding green additions to your home can be an effective way to overcome these overbearing restrictions.

Reddit users on the forum were furious to hear that the OP's plants were trashed by their landlord.

"I honestly think that is against the law since it's not his property it would be considered stealing even if it was in public. I would pursue legal action like taking him to small claims court," one user wrote. "Get texts of him admitting to taking them for evidence. Don't let it slide," they urged.

"COMPLAIN. My landlord mowed my native garden and I raised a fit and they compensated me. Especially once they found out the cost of care, shipping, and price of what we grow," another Redditor mentioned.

"The things I would like to say would get me flagged. I would rage," a third commenter stated.

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